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10 Styling Tips for Plus-Size Women

by Kanessa Brand on July 18, 2021

You’ve probably read countless articles on this topic, but this is coming from a plus-size woman like you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being plus-size, and we are not here to dictate what is or whatnot.

This is an article to buttress known facts and boost your styling ability to knockout every look. If you are ready to rock, follow us now.

  • Love your body

  • Yes, we are starting here because friends of mine complain too. When it comes to plus-size fashion, the first drawback is appearance. When you cast a dark spell over your looks, even the best will feel unattractive. So first thing first, love your body. This includes the excesses around the bust, tummy, hips, butt, and thighs.


    The reason for loving your body is simple – it boosts your self-confidence and enables you to create a personal style to suit your curves, accept your assets and make better styling decisions.

  • Choose the right undergarment
  • I can sincerely tell you this is where many plus-size women get it wrong. If the underneath is not aligned, whatever you put on top with not appeal to you. The right underwear is the perfect way to ensuring your outfits drape sexily over your curvy body. Get your measurement done at a fashion store or follow a measuring guide online. Even more, buy the best plus-size underwear in the Kanessa store.

  • Avoid oversize outfit

  • Wearing loose and shapeless attires is not the way to go at all. In trying to hide your curves, you are actually enhancing them with the wrong outfit. Instead, find clothes such as leggings that will smoothen and blend in the bumps for a shaper you.

  • What is your body?
  • Remember, just because you are plus-size does not mean you have the same body type as others. Like slim people, plus size women come in apple, pear, rectangle, hourglass, and inverted triangle shapes. Knowing your body style allows you to choose and style your curvy body accordingly. 

    For example, are you pear-shaped? It means you have a tiny waist but a bigger hip and thighs. 
    So avoid clothes that make you bigger and go for statement pieces by layering the top to balance the bottom.
  • Shapewear for curves
  • If you are confident about allowing your curves to jiggle, feel free. However, if you are going for a cleaner, sexier, and composed look, Shapewear is a must-have in your wardrobe. 

    Invest in a high-quality tummy tucker that will flatten and accentuate your curves while lengthening your silhouette. The best thing about tummy tuckers, they work well for any outfit and boost your confidence immediately.

  • Tight or fitted
  • There is a massive difference between these two. As a plus-size woman, you definitely do not want to appear like you were squeezed into a dress, would you?

    So fitted is the best option, and by this we mean, clothes that sit softly over you, gently cradling your curves without distorting them.


  • Belts are your friends
  • Most plus size women avoid belts because they feel it attracts gazes to a particular spot. While yes, belts are your friends and do a great job of enhancing your overall look. A waist belt will instantly snitch your waist, creating the perfect defined waistline. If you are going for belts, choose wide belts of any design, they are a miracle accessory.


  • Color up
  • Black creates the perfect illusion of slim, but that does not mean you should go Darth Vader, embrace color. Secondly, when we say color up, please do not go monochromatic like a billboard. Play with shades, textures, and fabrics. Believe us, any color is slimming; It all depends on how you wear it. Additionally, colors can come as accessories too. Whether it is belts, hats, handbags, and even shoes, color up.


  • Layer less for a natural look
  • Plus-size women do not need too many layers even when you are tempted to pile on the clothes during cold weather; go for a structured jacket which is best. If you have to layer, go for thinner and lighter fabrics to reduce the bulkiness, adding more weight on you.

    Asides from wearing a structured jacket, try a crop, fitted sweaters, or denim to complete the look, as it is better than layering loads.
  • Do not forget the shoes

  • Aren’t you tired of flats and slippers? If you are not a heel person, go for boots. They are comfortable, goes with any attire and great for all occasion. Additionally, boots come in different textures and are designed to accommodate your legs without squeezing the life out of them.

    Finally, do your thing. Get inspiration from other plus-size women killing it online but do your thing. It is your style, your personality, so do you?
    Do you have a style but cannot find the right outfit? Check out the latest collection on Kanessa today.

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