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A Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Look At Plus Size Clothing

by Kanessa Brand on June 13, 2021

Too curvy? Says who! Whoever set the rules on what ‘average’ is has got their measurements all wrong.” -Anonymous


We love to see body shaming being sullied for the insignificant mess that it has been in our society. The body shaming that we are fraught with didn’t start from today’s clime, as a matter of fact, body shaming has been a prevalent plague that is not a deterrent to the active participation of the plus size community in fashion since time immemorial. Today, this has taken a different course, as what was once a cul-de-sac has become a motorway for this niche to thrive. The plus size clothing industry is growing in bounds, as more fashion brands are reckoning with this obvious divide. Being stylish is no longer attributed to being “thin”, as the raving style inclusivity has plus size women looking more stylish than ever.


The Beauty of Plus Size Clothing

Now, with the availability of plus size clothing of all types, women who felt out of place with regards to fashion are gaining their confidence and voice back. Here are some resounding takes from the plus size clothing community.


  • Distinct style: One of the pluses of being plus size is the uniqueness that comes effortlessly. Your curves naturally embolden whatever you wear and gives you a distinct appeal you don’t find often around you. Being plus sized, allows you be yourself even without trying.There is an originality, too concrete that it can almost be tasted from one who wears plus size clothing. Wear your uniqueness confidently!


  • Spoilt for choice: With the growing demand for plus size clothing and an unlimited list of fashion brands vying for the buck of what this multi billion dollars industry promises to give, there exists a line of fashion staples a plus sized person can choose from.


  • No pressure: Knowing that as a plus size person, you’re in competition with no one other than yourself takes away the pressure imminent in the fashion industry today. The ease that comes with knowing that what you wear is suited for you and isn’t aimed at being a communal clothing piece, does take off the necessity to fit in.



Types Of Plus Size Clothing

Do we really have clothes that are unique to only plus size people? When plus size is mentioned, most people imagine a unique line of clothing that is no way similar to what is obtainable in our fashion industry. To put very simply, plus size clothing is no different from the dresses, shirts, athleisure, swimsuits, denims, shorts, jackets, pants, statement coats, kimonos, tunics, blouses, blazers, Prêt-à-Porter, etc., that exists. Only difference is the sizing made to fit anyone bigger than a smal(ler) size.

The Highs Of The Plus Size Clothing Community

The present inclusivity of the plus size clothing into the fashion industry had been quite a fascinating journey, which can be attributed to different pivotal points that changed its course forever. Some of its highs are:


  • The Inception of social media: Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, evidently played a huge role in the inclusivity of plus size clothing globally. Women all over the world found their touch, through these platforms, from whence others were inspired. Therefore, broadening the opportunities for growth in this sector of the fashion industry.


  • The impact of Influencers: Thanks to the various social media platforms, persons with high following and who through their interests have credible experience and information about a particular field. In this case, influencers who are plus size and fashionable became a voice for other plus size women who were too afraid to speak up.


  • Brands acceptance: Lastly, thanks to all the visibility and buzz garnered by the plus size community, brands started to recognise this deafening divide. Brands like Anthropologie, Forever 21, Zara, Eloquii, Girlfriend Collective, Good American, ASOS, Madewell, SavageXFenty, Kanessa, among others are representing plus size clothing in the most fascinating fashion high trends you’ll ever find.



It is truly a delight to see all of these positivity that has aided the growth of the plus size clothing industry, however more work still needs to be done. From outrageous pricing to availability of these brands globally, to more plus size models excelling in the fashion industry. Until then, we stay fascinated at the growth thus far.


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