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Curve Of The Week (Black Peach)

by Kanessa Muluneh on August 21, 2019

Hi loves!

How are you all doing today?

We hope you are all having a great day! You may know of our special promotion called "Curve of the Week" where we offer selected sportswear at special prices for the entire week!

This week we've taken €20 off our most popular leggings, i.e., the black peach. So for the entire week (August 19 th to August 25th) the black peach costs €45 instead of €65. You can't help but love the Black Peach. It is sexy AND sophisticated. Of course, it is double padded, has reinforced stitching and is non see-through.

Black is the new red. Well, actually it is old (very old). Black just looks good on many people and the way our leggings are made to accentuate your curves will have you falling in love with the Black Peach instantly. The first time we tried the black peach on, we transformed to french! Black Peach est tres belle πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΅, Said with kissing the tips of fingers. Yes, that's how the black peach makes us feel. Also, you don't have to limit yourself to just wearing this at the gym. It can be worn anywhere, chicas. Oh no, now we're Spanish lol. Here are some of the styles we've loved from our Curvy Queens.

Looks good, right? Answer in any language you feel fit 😜. With that said, what are you waiting on to get yourself a pair? Queens, don't delay, get your black peach leggings today!

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by Fradelle Brooks on September 14, 2019

What sizes do you have and does the top come with the pants? I’m interested in a size 20W.


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