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Curve Of The Week (Tracksuit)

by Kanessa Muluneh on August 07, 2019

We love putting together special surprises for our customers. The whole room lights up whenever we have customer service meetings. We are constantly asking ourselves - how can we make this better? What can we offer our customers this week? We came up with the summer sale which is a hit. Our curvy family loves the sunglasses we pair with each purchase they make from our sportswear line. That sale is actually going on all summer so our customers really appreciate that.


This week though, we wanted to do something extra special for the first full week of August. So, we came up once again with the Curve of the Week! You probably saw that we've done this before. And if you haven't, follow our Instagram @kanessa.official so that you can stay connected and see updates like these. This week's Curve features our tracksuits. These are available in grey and peach. The whole tracksuit is actually for €95/$105 US but this week you can get it for €75/$83.64 for the entire week!
tracksuit sale curve of the week
The curvy tracksuits hug your form in all the right places. It is chic, comfortable, double-stitched and made with breathable material. The peach really makes our queens pop. The grey wears well even on a rainy day. This tracksuit is fit for a queen, our queens :) Get your curve of the week and tag us @kanessa.official for a chance to be featured!

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