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Curvy Does Not Equate to Unhealthy

by Kanessa Muluneh on February 27, 2019
Let's get some things straight about curvy women;
1. Being voluptuous doesn't mean unhealthy. 
2. Being voluptuous doesn't mean we need to lose weight.
We're weary of the body-shaming and people telling us what we need to do with our own bodies. It's OUR bodies. We know ourselves best. You can't tell how healthy someone is simply by looking at them.
Curvy women can be just as healthy as slimmer types. We exercise, eat good and are just as happy. But,the world refuses to acknowledge us as what we are. We won't have it. We won't accept your labels.
Kanessa represents every woman especially the curvaceous because we are not represented enough. We are showing the world what it truly means to be different sizes without the stereotyping. We are getting rid of the assumptions and providing you with facts. We know it best because we are every woman. So, we reiterate being curvy does not equate to unhealthy.
Here are 3 of our models/influencers who are healthy & happy 
Stop listening to what's the media is telling you. Stop allowing the fashion industry to set standards for all women. The truth is known by those who live it. Listen to them and let's eliminate the lies. We are curvy, healthy, beautiful and proud!

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