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Expanding Our Sizes

by Kanessa Muluneh on July 31, 2019

At Kanessa Sportswear, our ears are always opened to our clients and communities. Often we get messages via our social media platforms and websites and we really appreciate that. Our CEO’s vision was to build something that’s more than clothing. A place that our customers could always feel safe to voice their opinions. A few months ago, some women reached out to us to let us know about one of their greatest frustrations, i.e, finding comfortable and stylish sportswear in sizes greater than 3XL. 

Admittedly, our current sizes start from M and go up to 3XL. We knew something had to be done. So, we called a meeting with our manufacturers where we shared these concerns. We didn’t leave that meeting until we came up with a solution. Now today, we are delighted to announce that Kanessa Sportswear will also offer sizes 4XL - 7XL beginning August 1st! Let’s take a minute to just dance lol. We told our customers who had this concern and they’re so happy. We can’t help but be happy whenever our customers are!

Currently, these sizes are available via custom orders only. You can easily order online. This option will be available on most items. Please note that custom orders do have a longer shipping time. From now on, whatever sportswear Kanessa produces will be available in sizes M to 7 XL!



We know how it feels to be excluded. That’s why Kanessa Sportswear began. We represent the curvy community and that means we will never exclude someone because of their sizes. And no, we are NOT promoting ill-health. We are looking out for all our sisters while supporting a healthy mind and body. After all, sportswear is for exercising and working out and not merely looking good. It’s a journey and we stand by ALL our curvy queens.

Thank you so much again queens for giving us the opportunity to cater to your sportswear needs. Until next time loves, have a great day!


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