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Healthy Curves

by Kanessa Muluneh on April 10, 2019
It's time we be real about what being healthy is. People automatically assume that if you are a certain size that you are unfit. Even in 2019, people are still body shaming curvaceous women. How often do others tell us to "lose weight"? ...We've seen the insults and misconceptions. It's time these stop. 

Fundamentally, we are different. We are such a diverse world. What works for one might never work for another. Some people are naturally thicker. It's just the way it is. Accept that. 

Do not let others put you in boxes. Your body is beautiful. You know you're healthy. You know you're doing right by you. That's all that matters.

Health is not just about physical well-being. It's about your mental, emotional & spiritual state. How are those, sister? On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you? 

Embrace your curves. Walk in confidence. Never let them worry you at all. And remember health is not only external but internal too.

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