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How To Look Big & Fabulous Without Breaking The Bank

by Eseandre Mordi on May 16, 2021

Okay, let’s be honest. Being plus-size and fashionable on a budget are two phrases that rarely appear in the same sentence.

But they should because you can look big and fabulous without breaking the bank.

Many plus-size women feel exposed because fashion pieces don’t do justice to their curves and confidence. Have you ever seen a plus-size woman walking into a room so effortlessly put together like she drew the outfit on herself?

She is picture-perfect in the same top, bottom, and accessories you so elegantly looked down on. Chances are you even have some of what she is rocking on in your wardrobe.

We all want to be fashionable, and being big should never deter you from showing the world your style and finesse.

But the question is where to get pieces that flatter your curve without breaking the bank.

Fashion is about striking a balance between what works now, looking great later, and not break the bank. Hey, it is all in your head. Your style rocks; you need to look closely.

In this article, we are going to give you some tips that work for us. Use them to create your style dictionary today.

Understand fabrics for your sake

Let's say this a million times; just because she wore leather does not mean you should too. There are countless fabrics on the market, and each one either enhances or deflates your confidence. 

As plus-size women, fabrics that smoothen and slim your body while hugging your curves are the best. The fabric should reflect your style, not spoil it.


Find inspirations that connect with you.

There is always this fashion idol we love and want to be. Look for those that inspire you. One plus-size woman redefining elegance is Kanessa (owner of this brand). Her clothing-line includes versatile pieces to ensure women look fab at any time of the day. If you are big and need a boost, shop the Kanessa brand for simple, elegant, affordable but fashionable pieces for women with a big happy heart.

Get a jacket

Whether you are a size zero, 6, or 16, everyone needs a good-looking jacket. It is the best way to appear fabulous. If possible, go for two jackets, a plain and a patterned one. The jackets look great with anything; you just have to know how you use them. If you are going to the gym, it will be a nice covering as you walk there. If you have a meeting, it is the perfect complement to a beautiful skirt or pants when you need them.



Fall in love with colors, pattern, and prints

Usually, plus-size women were asked to stay away from bright, bold colors, prints, and patterns because it made them huger, but the rules have changed.

Stop wearing blacks and browns as if those are the only colors for you. When you want to achieve that elegant look, go for bold, solid, and subtle colors that allow your personality to shine through. Stop covering up; wear pants, stripes, and prints if you like. 

Embrace your size and love your shape

Size and size are not the same and should not be seen as such. Every woman has a different size and shape. 

Our curves are located at different portions of our body, and clothes flatter us differently. Look for clothes that flow with your contours and avoid over-size and drab pieces. 

Go for pieces that hug your body but are comfortable and well-made. Choose leggings instead of flabby pants or tops that do nothing to your figure.

Try new trends, normal is boring.

Many plus-size women are afraid to follow the trend because they feel it’s too risky and not for them. Stop it!

If you feel like wearing a skirt, by all means, do that. In fact, you can try the Skort – a pair of shorts and a skirt together. It holds your bum in the proper position and gives your hips support and firmness. 

Perhaps you want to do a crop top, try one with long sleeves and opt for high-waisted leggings or a skirt. Basically, if the style rocks your boat, flow with it.


Finally, invest in a good seamstress. If it doesn’t fit the way you want it, have it adjusted to your shape and size. Fashion starts from the basics; if you get it right, you will look a million buck effortless.

If you are looking for a way to look big and fabulous without breaking the bank, visit our Kanessa store for a unique piece made for you.


Looking for stlylish plus size clothes? checkout kanessa.net!


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