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No More Ugly Clothing

by Kanessa Muluneh on February 13, 2019
We've been settling for plain clothes or clothing that don't quite fit us for decades. How many times have you had to use the scissors or sew your own stuff? Some of us have even used staples to make clothing work for us. A few companies have stepped up but it's still pretty limited. We would love to be able to step in any store and just pick up what we want. And we do mean anything, any style,design, material. Unfortunately, not every clothing store gets that.
Often, we are limited to elasticated waists. No zip-ups, no buttons. Don't we have a right to more options? We should be able to make a statement whenever we want. These restrictions have even added to the issues many women have with their bodies. Oftentimes, we wonder who set these rules for women. Who decides what we wear? And we've finally concluded, we do. 
We are in charge of what we wear and how we wear it. No one no longer depicts that for us. Hence, we've created our own sportswear where you can be sexy and comfortable. Kanessa.net provides sportswear that you can wear with pride. This is just the beginning for us. We won't stop creating until every size is accounted for.

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