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The Curvy Tracksuit

by Kanessa Muluneh on July 17, 2019
We've seen the tracksuits that are on the market and we all decided that we don't like them. There are hardly any tracksuits that we've seen that looks like it was made for curvy women. So, we decided to do something about it a few months ago. Now we are happy to announce that we launched the first Curvy Tracksuit!
You know by now that anything we do is sexy without being skimpy. Our designs accentuate your curves and never flatten them. So, we are releasing two attractive tracksuits in the colors grey and peach. The shirts are flared and paired with non-see-through leggings. These are comfortable, made with breathable material and are great for any fitness occasion.  You can even wear these for casual events too.
curvy tracksuit
We are so happy we can offer this to voluptuous women. It's only getting better from here. At Kanessa Sportswear, we'll always represent our women.  We'll keep adding more options so that you'll never again feel left out. That's a promise we'll never break. Don't forget to tag us @kanessa.official when you put on our tracksuits. We love to share your awesomeness with the world.
Until next time loves - stay healthy and curvy. 

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