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Kanessa Muluneh

Sportswear for Women with curves on the go

Kanessa Sportswear – we are not one size fits all. We are fashionable athleisure wear that fit your curves and enhance your workout with confidence and comfort.


Meet the Founder and Designer

Currently based in Amsterdam, Ethiopian born mother of two is the newest sportswear designer in town with gym wear for women with curves. As a wife, entrepreneur, fitness and American Football fanatic, Kanessa loves exercising and inspiring plus size women to stay healthy, one squat or power lift at a time.Over the years she has studied the limited options in plus size sportswear and has brought something new to the fitness market for curvy women who want to look good both inside and outside of the gym.

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At the age of three, my parents fled to the Netherlands (Holland), and my life was transformed forever. As a child, I was on the chubby side which lasted throughout my teenage years. I haven’t always been very active, and it wasn’t until my early twenties that I became involved in sports. When I did become involved in sports and exercising it became second nature; I was so obsessed with exercising that I start spending three to four times every week in the gym weightlifting.

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However, these fitness activities made me gain (muscle) weight instead of losing it. Even though I put in my best at the gym and looked good, people still have a negative perception that curvy women are inactive or don’t work out; hence the industry lacked the right sports outfit that catered to thebodies of curvy women without embarrassing them in the gym. After the birth of my first child, I added a few pounds here and there like most women; I rekindled my fitness passion but was unable to find the right outfit that not only accommodated my body, but made me look great as I walked to and from the gym.

Most gym clothes were and still are:

    Too slim cut and not built for plus size bodies

    The upper part was bulky and unattractive or too wide

    Too transparent due to the thin single layer fabric, especially on the back

    Never available in the right size

    The seams, especially the thigh area, didn’t do justice to curvy ladies

These problems kicked the entrepreneur in me to venture into a different line of business, producing sportswear for curvy ladies, whether for the gym or just for needing something comfortable.



My Journey as a Designer

Kanessa Sports-line wasn’t a-fairy-wave-your-wand-thing: it took a lot of thinking and paperwork to design on-the-go gym wear for the woman with curves.

The design process started during my first pregnancy and six months later, I got a feel of the perfect fabric for the designs. Nine months on, a lot of running around and a manufacturer, that was child-labour free for my designs, the Kanessa-line was born. Wow!

Why is this different?

    The leggings have drawstrings – this prevents sagging, doesn’t interrupt your workout, enabling you to adjust the upper side to fit you as you lose or gain weight

    The fabric is double layered on the butt area and squat-proof– no more bother about transparent pants that display your behind or underwear when you squat

    The inner thigh stitches and seams are reinforced – we added multiple-layer stitches for durability and to reduce wear and tear in the inner thigh region, which prevents it from ripping or losing shape after heavy use.

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Where we are now

After a successful launch on my birthday 26th of October 2018, we have been able to get curvy ladies that instant boost with fabric that is skin-friendly, checks all their demands in a sportswear/outing clothes and allows curvy women to have a better workout. Our products are available for shipment to customers around the world.

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Something you did not know about Kanessa

Being an American Football fan means more than watching the sport. Kanessa also designs and creates game jerseys and outfits for her own football league, Queens Football League (www.queensleague.com).


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