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What’s the one thing stopping you from showing the world who you truly are? Let’s face it; Even though we’re in the 21st century, women are still being placed into a box of societal standards. Each day, women and young girls swallow the myth that beauty and values are determined by how well you can fit into a pair of size 6 jeans

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But what if there was a magical way to change all of that? You can kick-start this change by not changing a single thing. We all have been tired of going on fad diets just to lose weight and fit into that new dress. We understand and we’re here to help. Let’s start with yet another important question: What do you think of your body? Just like fingerprints, every woman’s body is unique and phenomenal. Your body is a home that should be loved and adorned with the most beautiful things. You don’t have to fit into tiny clothes before you love your body. If you want to love your body and your entire being, you should start by loving your love handles.

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Wondering why we’re telling you all this? It’s simple. We’re here to redefine sexiness and get you to fall in love with your phenomenal body. For us at Kanessa, sexiness is never uncomfortable. We aren’t here to change anything about you. We simply want you to love yourself and bring out the best version of yourself with our chic and comfortable leggings. Here, we believe that sexiness goes hand in hand with comfort and we want you to have all of that. Imagine a world where you can break limits and feel beautiful without having to wear uncomfortable clothes. Sounds exciting, right? Well, we’ve brought that world right to your doorstep.

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Our premium leggings are high-waisted and stretchy, bringing out the best of your curves without you having to give up comfort. Your body size or your ability to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans doesn’t matter. We believe that your value is way greater than the numbers on any scale. Here’s what’s exciting about all of this: for once, you don’t have to tailor yourself to fit into a pair of clothes; instead, we tailor our clothes to fit you! So, say goodbye to all the negativity surrounding your body and say hello to a new level of confidence, sexiness and comfort all in a pair of leggings.

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At Kanessa, we can relate to the several standards of beauty being placed on women’s bodies daily. And so, we decided to kick these standards out and create a whole new world where women can completely love their bodies and be confident enough to be the best version of themselves. Now, we want you to hop on this train and shut out the negativity and naysayers! They think you’re too big? Well, it’s time to work those curves and let them know that you can’t be bent or broken. It is our utmost desire that you fall deeply in love with yourself and embrace who you truly are. Your clothes should adorn and inspire you each time you look in a mirror. We want you to step into our leggings and feel like a true queen. So go out there, rock those beautiful curves and love handles and show them who’s boss!


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