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Kanessa Wash Care Tips 

How to properly wash your Kanessa clothes so that they will last long and stay in perfect condition? 

Here are some tips for you!  


Don't worry if you somehow wash your clothes “wrongly” a couple of times, you should be fine. Our products are made of high quality, long-lasting fabric. 

These tips are just a best practice to make it last longer in perfect condition! 


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Hand wash with care
Use your hands rather than a brush! Don’t ring your clothes to get out excess water. Instead, repeatedly press the fabric against the side of your washing basin until you’ve gotten as much out as possible.

Avoid fabric softeners
Don’t use a fabric softener – as this destroys the fabrics technical qualities

Don’t put your leggings in the dryer
Dryer can damage stretchy fabrics and even warp the fibers. Instead, hang them over a laundry rack, or clothesline.

Do a separate athletic apparel load
We suggest that you have a laundry basket designated for sportswear. When the basket is full, wash the sportswear together. Keep in mind It's best, even when washing with similar fabrics.


Can  sportswear go in the drying machine?

All sportswear should be hung on a drying rack to avoid damage on the stretchy fabrics or use a dryer with air drying sytem. 

How often should you wash your leggings?

It depends on your workout. If you get really sweaty we would recommend that you wash it right after use. 

Can I wash my leggings in washing machine?

We highly recommnd handwash. However if you cant avoid  please make sure to set the washing program with low spin. Hard centrifugation over time can damage the tights technical qualities.

How Often Should You Wash Your Jeans?

Yes, you should wash your jeans. But not every time you wear them. A good rule of thumb is to wash your jeans after every 3-10 wears, or when they start to smell. 

How Often You Should Wash Your Bra?

 Do wash them after every wear or at least 2nd wear. Sweat, Body oils and skin cells can soon accumulate and will damage the stretchy quality of the bra fabric.

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