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10 Tips to Mastering Plus Size Fashion 

by Kanessa Brand on August 29, 2021

Unless you want to wear large tees and mom jeans all your life, there is a method to the madness that is fashion, and you need to understand it. With size 10s and below, it is easy to jump into anything, and even at that, there still needs to be some understanding of fashion to rock beautiful things. Now, the only way to look good with plus-size fashion is to master plus-size fashion. 

As a plus-size woman, there are things you should often wear to show off your strengths, and there are clothes─no matter how pretty─that you should not be caught dead in. More often than not, when someone committed a fashion crime, the outfit was not the culprit, but the person who thought it would fit and wore it. 

In order to not commit a fashion crime, here are ten tips for mastering plus size fashion. 


The reason we are starting with this tip is that if you do not accept your body, you will not wear flattering clothes to show it off. You are a work of art, and art should be shown off the right way. Lack of acceptance would have you hiding your body in large shirts and baggy jeans all the time because you think it should not be seen. So, the first order of business is to accept your body─folds, curves, and fupa. 


Have your clothes tailored to suit you 

It is great to look at clothes on the bodies of models and want them. However, you will not always get the clothes you want right on the internet. Sometimes, go a little further, get the design and have someone tailor one perfect for you. Another hack is for you to get one twice bigger than your size, then have a tailor do some extra stitching to make it fit you perfectly. There is nothing better than having your clothes tailored to fit you. 

Get the right underwear 

It is tempting to stick to large sports bras and tights because they are uncomfortable. However, they are also very unflattering and would deprive you of wearing sexy clothes that require you to show some cleavage and thighs. Wear more sophisticated underwear, lace bras, thongs, and the whole lingerie set. Do not shy away from wearing these sexy undies, and they look good in beautiful dresses. 



Keep the baggies for inhouse comfort 

Since you cannot clean or cook in cute little dresses or fine things, keep the baggies for this purpose. The baggies should not be worn to functions or parties or even backdoor barbecue hangouts. Do not give people the reason to believe that you are not confident in your body at all. Fight against the urge to 'hide those flaps' under big shirts and jeans. When you are indoors doing laundry, you can wear them, but baggy shirts are not exactly flattering unless you are wearing really tight jeans and shorts under them. 

Keep a wrap dress close by 

The goddess of plus-size women probably came up with wrap dresses because nothing rocks on a plus-size woman better than a wrap dress. Get wrap dresses in different colors, designs, patterns, and lengths. A wrap dress is a plus-size women's version of an LBD; it fits into any occasion, formal or informal. Rightly accessorized, a wrap dress will come out looking like a billion-dollar outfit. 

Get a mid-region belt 

These belts, often leather, either make an hourglass shape look better or create an hourglass shape in a woman. If you wear dresses which flay from the waist down, you would need this belt, and same for if you wear straight dresses as well too. Get a few of these and in different colors. If you ever wear a dress you do not feel too confident in, then wear a belt over it and see how you transform. 



Stay away from cheap fabrics 

If you are looking to get your clothes tailored for you, do not go for cheap fabrics. If you are buying dresses, check the fabrics well to see that they are strong and would not break when you wear them. The reality of things is that you are big, and fabrics will wear and tear easily on you when they are not of good quality. So get good quality fabric. 

Print wears are always good

Yes, it may seem classier to wear plain dresses, but print blouses and dresses are also a great idea for plus-size women. People also say that plus-size women should stick to bold prints because they look better. However, you would look good in either bold or tiny prints; just get prints. Tiny Polka dots also look very good on plus-size women, so the next time you are shopping, get something with polka dots. 


Your measurements matter 

The reason many plus-size women wear outfits that look so small and rather tacky on them is that they do not know their measurements. The same thing happens when they are ridiculously large. First, let us get something out of the way: 'plus size' is not a measurement. It is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Your waist size and the waist size of the model you saw the clothes on are not the same. Whenever you are shopping for dresses, go armed with your measurements. 


Wear fitting jeans 

Yes, mom jeans are good-looking, but so are fitting jeans. Stop hiding behind your fupa to wear unflattering jeans all the time. Get mom jeans and look like a dime! Paired with the right blouse or shirt, fitting jeans would have you looking sexy. 

As a plus-size woman, there are so many ways you can look good, but it starts from knowing the right fashion hack and following them to the latter. Loving yourself is also making an effort to look great. Finally, the greatest tip to mastering plus size fashion is to stick to the Kanessa brand. They have all you need to navigate fashion as a plus-size woman. 


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