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14 Hilarious Tweets About Plus size Clothing

by Kanessa Brand on June 20, 2021

Shopping they say is therapeutic, jokes on you if you're plus size. Every plus-size woman knows that shopping can be a struggle. It is so difficult to find a plus-size clothing store that sells more than boring frumpy clothes.


An average woman's clothing size is around 16 however the fashion industry for a long time only focused on size 10. Thankfully brands are now beginning to notice and embrace plus-size clothing. More and more brands are starting to include a plus-size clothing line in their stores.

Although brands are trying to be inclusive they still have a long way to go. Plus size women have taken to social media especially Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with these supposed plus size stores. The interesting thing is how they hilariously log their complaints. Well if you can't get your clothing size you can at least have a good laugh.


Social media is a great way to let off steam. Check out these extremely hilarious tweets about plus-size clothing.


  1. Can we catch a break?

"Charging more for plus-size clothing is a joke. Like we already pay more for food." - @FFigureFbust


  1. It's not available
"Wanna hear a funny joke?
Women’s plus size clothing" - @kenscrotchets


  1. Pun intended 😂😂
"If you’re wondering if plus size clothing is a joke: it’s the biggest one. BIGGEST. "- @annewrathaway


  1. May the force be with you

"Pray for me. #plussizeproblems about to go clothes shopping" - @Betanysnoww


  1. We might need binoculars
"When clothing stores put the plus section as far out of sight as possible. We want to look good too. #plussizeproblems" - @ttowngirl3
  1. Beauty indeed
"Oh joy. My options are hideous flower print or...stripes. #plussizeproblems" - @ReaperGia
  1. Can't catch a break

"When your bras make a unanimous decision not to fit anymore. #PlusSizeProblems" - @MelB_DMV


  1. Win, Win, Win 🙌

"Proud to announce I just completed shopping for clothing without being reduced to tears! #PlusSizeProblems" - @JMYaLes


  1. No last-minute shopping

"I need more plus-size friends. For a plus size gal one does not simply "buy something to wear" hours before an event. Shopping is a quest that requires time, assessing your current bra collection and calculating an investment based on projected mileage." - @ShugarzShack


  1. Prayers are being offered
"Please keep me in your prayers: I will attempt to buy a bathing suit today 😳. #PlusSizeProblems" - @SurvivinAmerica
  1. Get it right
"Dear plus sized bra companies: not all fat women have big ol titties. Some of us were blessed with B cup titties and a big ol back so ... get with the times. Also - why you so expensive?? #Iwantnicebrastoo #plussizeproblems"  - @Yolanda_Bonnell
  1. Life shouldn't be this hard

"Dear @LaneBryant - the sexy sleep bra I purchased should not be so complicated that I must ruin the sexiness by asking my lover for help getting into it. #plussize #plussizeproblems Bras should not be puzzles! #unlessyourintothat #marketniche"- @diana_rajchel


  1. Can also fit a box

"The plus sized section at @Kohls looks like it is perfect!! I mean, if you are 80 years old and not curvy at all. #lame #plussizeproblems"- @WatersWife


  1. Plot twist

"Tried buying something, but none of it would fit over any part of my body except my forearm. 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ #PlusSizeProblems"- @ItsRavenBro_



Regardless of the jokes finding the right fit can be quite daunting, you may start to doubt yourself and feel bad. Here's a tweet that sums it all up.


"I am not "pretty for a big girl."

I am pretty.


#PlusSizePride"-  @PlusSize_Models


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