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Blog Take Over From Our CEO; Kanessa Muluneh

by Kanessa Muluneh on May 22, 2019
We asked our CEO, Kanessa Muluneh, to tell us something about kanessa.net. What was her motivation and how did/does it all work? Here´s what she had to say..
My webshop is not my first foray into entrepreneurship. I actually began creating my own products when I was in nursing school. My parents wanted me to be a doctor but I guess you could say God had other plans. I always had a keen interest in entrepreneurship. Soon my interest became my passion and I gave up on becoming a doctor to pave my own brand.
 Last year (2018), I started my sunglasses brand. By this time, I already had Muluneh Coffee and Queens Football Leaque (QFL). I learned a lot through those ventures. Insight no school could teach me. I took what I learned about business and launched Kanessa sunglasses. I used this webshop as an experiement, to test the market and learn first-hand the ins and outs of running a webshop of this nature. It was fun and provided valuable information.
Little did I know I would start up another webshop very soon.This resulted out of a need for more sportswear for curvy women. If you've been following my story, you would know I couldn't find sportswear that I actually liked in my size. So, I created my own solution, which is now my Kanessa sportswear.
Starting off, sales were slow, averaging about 1-2 orders weekly. At that time, I was doing the marketing myself and it wasn't much. I posted on Instagram and other social media platforms. That was it. I soon realized that more had to be done.
One of the biggest mistakes you can make in business is not invest in marketing. Marketing puts your product out there or else no one will know about your products. Having a webshop is not enough. You need to have several streams of putting your products out there. One stream I tapped in was social media influencers and models. They are now our ambassadors. 
Since I began invested in marketing, I've seen results. Now that I know,  that won't happen again. If you are planning on going into entrepreneurship, do ensure you have a plan for marketing. You're welcome :).

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