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Body Positivity: How Plus-Size Fashion Is Pushing Their Own Drive.

by Kanessa Brand on September 05, 2021

The struggle that plus-size women have to go through to find beautiful fitting clothes for themselves is unbelievable. They always have to consider color, cost, and size when picking an outfit. Most of the time, they have to shop online because going to a store can be quite disappointing.

 The media from time immemorial has always controlled and dictated what the beauty standard should be. These standards were very unrealistic and they had negative effects on women. But in recent times, people are got wiser and more outspoken thanks to social media. We are now seeing new movements that focus on realistic beauty standards and positive body images. They have come to stay and we are all loving it.

Body positivity is a trend that was introduced about 5 years ago but it has continued to evolve over the years, It is a trend that focuses on the idea that all bodies are beautiful and accepted. We have seen numerous body positivity movements under various hashtags and trends like #FatLivesMatter, #HonorMyCurves and so many other like that. The point is that people are starting to understand that the human body comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes, they have accepted this and they are beginning to demand more for themselves. 

This movement is gathering massive support both on the internet and in real life, Plus-sized people are being recognized and respected more in society.  In this article, we will be focusing more on how plus-size people are being treated by the fashion industry.

 The Evolution Of Plus Size Fashion

Before this time, Plus size women could hardly find anything stylish or even regular to wear. They either had to make their clothes themselves or just stick to wearing big clothes as fashion brands did not accommodate their fashion needs. In recent times, things have started to get better because people are not allowing the media to define “normal” for them anymore. More and more people are embracing body positivity now.

This recognition has created a whole new aspect of the fashion industry, This movement has allowed for the recognition of the needs of plus-sized women in the fashion industry. It has brought about a universal shift in fashion sizing we have been able to record progress. Before the "universally appropriate" maximum size for women's clothes was somewhere around size 12,  but now we have begun to see some minor changes in size in women's fashion. 

 Is Inclusive Sizing A Hoax?

 Inclusive sizing is a term that fashion brands have adopted, it means that a fashion brand recognizes and provides for the needs of plus-size people when making clothes. They say this, but do they mean it? Most major fashion brands have their maximum size at a size 14 yet they claim to offer “inclusive sizing. It seems as if they are struggling to include size 16 and above people into their fashion plans. 



Studies have shown that about 70% of American women are sizes 16 and above. This means that there is a high demand for clothes for plus-size women but only a few brands offer clothes in these sizes. What could be stopping them from making bigger clothes?

It’s almost as if they are trying to subtly retain the body toxicity that we are trying to get rid of in our society.

How Does Plus Size Fashion Encourage Body Positivity?

One of the best things that have happened as a result of the body positivity movement in the fashion industry is the inclusion of the plus-size model. The media is no longer actively telling plus-size women to hide, We now see these women strutting on the runway, in magazines, on billboards, and everywhere. They are now being pushed to the limelight.  


These things have huge effects on women’s mental health. This recognition helps plus-size women to feel accepted in society. It tells people that body positivity is not just an online theory. When people see someone that looks like them being portrayed in a positive light on mainstream media, it gives them the confidence that they need to conquer everyday life. 

Young women no longer starve themselves just so they can fit into the toxic image of perfection that was once portrayed by mainstream media. Women are now learning to be comfortable in their skin.


Most local fashion brands are doing an excellent job by making sure that plus-size women look and feel beautiful in their dresses. Some of these businesses even provide custom-made clothes for their customers. This inclusion of plus-size fashion into the fashion industry shows that the world is evolving and people are actively trying to be realistic in their perception of what perfection should look like. We hope that major fashion brands can also begin to truly include plus-size clothing options and not just model the term so they don’t look bad.


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