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Curvy & Proud!

by Kanessa Muluneh on February 01, 2019
Someone mentioned that one of the perks of being curvy is that men are more attracted to us. While some might find that pleasant, I don't believe we should love our curves based on someone else's appreciation. I won't say clothes fit us better or we're more 'feminine' because we are all about women empowerment. All women are sexy, beautiful and phenomenal. We don't need the comparison. We don't need to bring down another body type. We don't need to any of that.
We will say though women like us have been excluded for so long. Even in this modern world, we can't find clothes that fit us or brands that truly represents us. Every woman, no matter her size, should have a voice.That's why Kanessa set out to change that. We are committed to inspiring women to love every bit of themselves. So, we created what you couldn't find. We made this space just for you.
We implore women to own their voluptuousness no matter what the media says. We walk with confidence despite what our men think.  We love the bodies we're in. We accept and love ourselves.  We are curvy & proud. Say it again, we ARE curvy & proud.
So, next time you see someone who's self-conscious about how they look and want to hide themselves from the world, lift them up. Next time you hear someone calling themselves "too big", "fat" and anything demeaning, tell them to rock their curves. The next time you look at yourself in the mirror and feel any body-doubts, tell yourself "I am curvy & proud".

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