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First Group Photoshoot

by Kanessa Muluneh on May 08, 2019
I was pretty excited! I've always done photoshoots for my Kanessa brand but never with others. I either used my own photos to promote my products or used the photos my Instagram ambassadors sent me. On the 26th of April,  Kanessa brand did our first group photoshoot and it was pretty fun!

Beautiful, curvy women from all backgrounds represented my sportswear. It became more than just taking photos and looking pretty. It felt like a movement. We embraced ourselves and each other as our Photographer, Raul Neijhorst, snapped away. 

We even started dancing. The models Beck, Lilian, Arian, Yucata and I felt like sisters. I am so grateful for them. A special shoutout to Arian Vreugd for organizing the other models for me. We were all very pleased with the results. We looked great but more so, we felt even greater. There's nothing like being comfortable in your own skin. Sportswear by Kanessa just does that for you.

I am so happy that my brand is reaching beyond my community. I am so grateful that it resonates with many women. I am delighted that Sportswear by Kanessa gives a voice to curvy women like myself. Thanks again to all the models and photographer for an unforgettable photoshoot. Here's to the ones to come!

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