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by Eseandre Mordi on May 01, 2021

Athleisure is everywhere, but Athleisure for plus-size women is not everywhere. Today numerous brands are showcasing plus-size fashion without firsthand experience behind the clothing and fittings. 

As Athleisure becomes the norm, it has translated gym clothes to chic clothes. Whether you are burning calories, closing off on a deal, night out with the girls or family, or lazing at home, it is the most comfortable outfit on the market.

Most people do not understand the difference between Athleisure, sportswear, and comfortable clothing. While they seem to fall under the same category, they are more fashion-forward and fit seamlessly into your daily affairs. 



Today Athleisure wear includes a sports bra, sweatshirt, tees, leggings, crop tops, and even sneakers. As causal, as they look, they are multi-purpose and stylish pieces that are versatile and functional in any situation.

So if you are looking for incredibly well-designed plus-size fashion pieces to rock your curvy body? Are you looking for confident pieces to rock your swag? We are the brand for you!


Leggings are so comfortable when you put them on, you do not want to take them off. These stretchy and form-fitting lightweight trouser-like outfits are perfect for all occasions, but finding one that checks all the boxes is hard.

Leggings are so light & transparent and expose you to the elements. This makes plus-size women uncomfortable, especially in public. The Kanessa plus-size leggings are perfect for working out, walking/jogging, going for coffee, or for a real mission at the office. It is designed as Activewear for curvier women enabling them to take bold steps with confidence.

These leggings are lightweight, double-stitched, opaque (non see-through). Yes, ladies, with the Kanessa leggings, you can squat, bend or do the dead man’s lift without worries. They are breathable, absorb sweat fast, and dries faster as they slither over your curve, which smoothens you out.

If you are not a fan of long leggings and want to show some legs, there is something for you. They are likened to biker shorts but more form-fitting and super comfortable. Finally, each legging or shorts is a high-waisted, comfortable band with a secret pocket to house your keys and mobile devices.

It is available in a solid color or patterned and will not cling to your skin. Regardless of your choice, these are durable, stylish, and easily transformed from Activewear to chic.

Crop Tops

Yes, plus-size women wear crop tops too but finding the right crop top that enhances your figure and boosts your confidence is the challenge. Whether you are rocking a crop top for day or nighttime, the Kanessa long sleeve form-fitting, the curve-hugging crop is the best bodysuit for you. Our crop tops are available in two solid colors – white and black. You also have the choice of other styles to complement your mood, event, and purpose

If you are brave, rock the Kanessa long sleeves crops with a pair of African print high-waisted leggings, or wear them with your favorite pants. However, if comfort and style are your second choice, our crop top will provide absolute coverage while enhancing your personality naturally.


Sports Bras

If you are blessed with large boobs, good for you, but we all know the challenge of finding bras that fit and support your girls without squeezing the life out of them and you. Well, this is your lucky day. The Kanessa sports bras are high-quality Athleisure bras in solid colors for work and workout. 

These budget-friendly premium bras offer low, medium, or high impact support without pressing you in. Unlike regular bras, they are without underwire, so nothing is poking out and injuring you. Additionally, it has a firm band and strap to keep your boobs in place. It features high-sides to avoid spillage, and criss-cross straps increase support and stability.

Day & Night Collection

Our collections are designed to remain in style, blending and matching other pieces in your wardrobe. From prints to the pattern to plain, the Kanessa brand has everything, including leggings, bras, crops, shorts, and more.

The Kanessa day to night collection consists of uniquely tailored garments to increase your style personality, transforming you effortlessly from daytime to night time.  Our plain  designs are to inspire an active lifestyle during the day (gym, errands and being a mom) while our prints and patterns let you live an active but fun time at night clubbing, partying or enjoying the night.

Regardless of your choice, Kanessa has something for you.


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