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Plus size fashion: Dos and Don’ts

by Kanessa Brand on August 01, 2021
Fashion has and will always be a statement of personal preference, mood, culture, and choices. However, just as there are guiding rules for most things, there are also guiding fashion rules.

Fashion rules vary from size to size, and rules for plus-size fashion guide you to dress in a way that flatters your body. These rules are not rigid and can be bent to fit your style. Plus-size fashion rules also widen your options so you don’t have to be limited to the basics anymore. Here are some of the dos and don’ts that guide plus size fashion.


  • Do dress for your body shape

So much emphasis is put on body weight and size but what should determine your fashion choice is your body shape. Figure out where you fall with your body shape and dress accordingly to hide your imperfections and flatter your assets. There are at least five (5) different body shapes for plus size.

    1. Triangle: People with triangle shape have slimmer upper body that widens to their hip and legs to form a triangle. Clothes that fit your upper body and flare out at the hip balance out the triangle. Wide-leg pants are more flattery for triangle shape than fitted pants.                   
    2. Inverted triangle: This is when your upper body- shoulders and bust- is wider than your lower body. Inverted triangle shape is wide on top and tapers down to your waist, hips, and legs. Form-fitting clothes with V-neck will flatter your upper body and accentuate your lower body.                                                                                            
    3. Hourglass: Hourglass is a proportional body shape where your upper body is just as wide as your lower body with a slim waist and stomach. Ruffles and neck details are flattering for the hourglass shape. Long skirts or pants help to elongate and show off the symmetry of your body.                                                                           
    4. Diamond: With a diamond shape, your widest side is your waist and stomach. Your upper body forms a triangle that flares out to your waist while your lower body forms an inverted triangle with your waist being the base of the triangle to form a diamond shape. Outfits that clinch your waist and accentuate your upper and lower body are great for your shape.                                                                  
    5. Round/Apple: People with round or apple shape have their upper body, waist, and lower body as same size. With a round shape, emphasis of fashion should be about making your waist look slimmer to achieve the hour glass shape. Wear belts to cinch your waist. High-waisted pants and skirts also flatter a round shape body. Draw attention from your waist by wearing blouses with solid colours and patterned skirts or pants.
    • Don’t ignore colours
    You should not limit your wardrobe to black and greys as. Explore colours that accentuate your assets and bring life to your fashion. Whether it is solid or patterned colours, throw in at least one colour piece in your outfit.
    • Do show a little skin

    Curvy people tend to hide their body away in clothing that covers up all the body. A little of skin never hurt anybody, especially plus size people. A neckline that shows a little cleavage, dresses with open back and thigh-high slits works. Add spice to your outfit and show skin as much as you are comfortable.


    • Don’t hide under baggy clothing

    There is no shame in being plus size and no need to bury your body under layers of baggy attires. If anything, baggy clothes make you look even bigger than you are. Ditch baggy clothes for outfits that show off your shape and curves. If you must layer clothes, do it with your body shape in mind and add body-fitting outfits to your layers.



    • Do wear underwear that are appropriate for your body shape and selected outfit

    An underrated fashion guide is the importance of appropriate underwear to fashion. Appropriate undergarments add finesse to outfits and make you look all round put together as plus size. Buy underwear that flatter your body shape and is appropriate for the clothing you’re wearing. Bras with good support and comfortable straps make a good foundation for blouses and tops. High-waisted panties will help to support your waist for example. Comfort and support are key in picking out underwear.


    • Don’t be afraid to experiment

    When you stay in the limit of what you already know, fashion can get boring. Experiment with different clothing options. Experimenting makes your fashion sense better and exposes you to more styles that suits you. Try something new every now and then to spice up your dressing.


    • Do value comfort

    Plus-size fashion is all about comfort. To value comfort, you must first be comfortable with your body size and shape. Beauty radiates when you are comfortable in your own skin and confident with the way you look. Buy clothing that bring you comfort without compromising on style.


    • Don’t put off looking good till you lose some weight

    While it is motivating to buy beautiful dresses in smaller sizes with hopes that you will lose weight, it is important you buy beautiful dresses in your current size first. Having a great fashion sense has little to do with your weight and more to do with combining pieces to make your body look beautiful. Don’t wait until you’ve lost some weight and fit into your desired dress size to look good. Embrace fashion trends that are plus-size friendly and try to style your outfits. If you don’t know how to style your body, check out plus-size fashion bloggers for inspiration. The nice thing is that clothes can always be slim fitted when you do lose weight. Now is all that counts, so look good in your present body size.

    These dos and don’ts of plus size fashion do not box your fashion sense, they add spice to just what you love to wear. Apply these rules in your style, try new styles but all in all, stay fashionable.


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