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Exclusive KANESSA Sports-bra

by Kanessa Muluneh on August 14, 2019

We get asked often why we're an exclusive brand. We created this brand to answer a certain need, i.e., a lack of fashionable sportswear for curvy women. So, that's why we don't create just any clothing. We could have easily done just that but then we wouldn’t be staying true to the reasons we began. If you’ve been following our story, you know by now we mainly started because curvy/plus-sized women couldn’t find comfortable and stylish sportswear.

Since releasing our first piece, we realized that there are more needs. Our customers will come to us and let us know what their frustrations are. We listened and continue to listen. We've made a couple more pieces based on what was said to us. 

Recently, customers popped into our inbox to let us know that they couldn't find a proper sports bra. We looked into this, did our research and are working on a solution. We are not just going to produce any sports bra, we are making the right one. The one that matches our clients' needs.



Prototype Sportsbra

At Kanessa sportswear, our clients' needs come first. We tailor solutions based on their needs. Our brand started because of an issue curvy women had and we will keep creating based on their needs. That's what separates us from others, that's what makes our brand what it is.

At Kanessa sportswear, we are more than clothing. We are a community. We recognize and represent the voices of curvy women all over the world and that’s something we will always do. That’s why the models on our web page are curvy. Representation matters and we represent in everything we do. So, an exclusive store was the way to go because we are exclusive. There’s no one in the world like us and that’s something we should always cherish. 


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