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The Launch Of KanessaHealth!

by Kanessa Muluneh on September 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be curvy and still healthy? Well, you are not far off. See sometimes, a lot of people are of the opinion that a healthy lifestyle constitutes of weight loss and while there could be truth in this, (as people who are obese really just need to lose weight to be healthy) it is not entirely true. It’s kind of like a general rule and it’s exceptions. You really don’t expect every rule to apply to everyone as terms and conditions are different. 

Most often than not people feel healthy only to the extent of their exercises. You hit the gym every other day and yes you do burn some calories and exercise your muscles but you still don’t eat right. So if you are one of these people, you’ve got to start watching what goes in irrespective of how many hours you do at the gym weekly. We at Kanessa Health can help you with that. 

Kanessa Health

Kanessa Health

So we want to introduce to you our lifestyle and health blog as part of the Kanessa Brand. Yes! We are up and running. This isn’t a gym but a health blog that would help you realize what you have been doing wrong and why you should effect change. Of course we would be sharing some health titbits and general best practices that you should keep in mind. We would also be sharing personal journeys as we try to navigate the hurdles of healthy living most especially for curvy women. This has probably been a source of concern to a lot of people who think that health can be equated with size. This blog will help you understand that you can be curvy and still be healthy. With this blog, we would like to enjoin you to be more aware of what you eat and why you should even resort to exercise. It will also help you understand why exercise is paramount for you and why you should keep in shape. So, you could be thick and curvy and still be healthy because you do everything right. Being that it is someone’s personal experiences, it creates a personable touch and will help you relate to the experiences and the struggles that will be tackled. 


Kanessa Health

So what this blog does is to show you a little bit of another person’s life with the hope that you could learn a thing or two. It will also emphasize full body care and of course mental care too as it is all encompassing. Again, Kanessa Health is a lifestyle blog that will focus on best practices about healthy living. From the right foods to eat to what kind of exercises you should be doing for your body and mind, this blog aims at helping you to live the life of your dreams and not worry about self inflicted health challenges.

Remember, healthy women can be curvy and voluptuous too and they really don’t have to be streamlined to a certain size. 

Check out our new blog!


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