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Three New Items

by Kanessa Muluneh on June 05, 2019

We love our customers and are constantly on the lookout for their feedback. A few customers expressed their need for longer shirts. We met with our suppliers and worked on a few designs that would suit our customers. After deliberation, we decided on one we knew our customers would love! We call it the Shress Top! It can be worn as a dress or a shirt.


But, we didn’t stop there. We thought to create another item, one that you could specifically wear in summer.  You know, show off your legs and all that jazz. For this, we created the Biker shorts. This goes perfectly with the Shress. This short still possess all the qualities of our leggings. It’s non-see-through, high waist, has reinforced stitches and drawstrings.


And of course, we added another color to our leggings. This one is so hot, we had no choice but to call it “on fire”. Can you guess what color that is? Yes, the beautiful and fierce red. This leggings has a secret hidden pocket and is stylish and comfortable. What more could you need? Don’t be afraid to tell us.


Thank you so much for being our valued customer. We hope you enjoy our new items. Do you have a wonderful and blessed week! Tag us in your Kanessa wear @kanessa.official (instagram) so that we can show you off!


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