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Tips On Shopping For Sportswear For Curvy Bodies

by Kanessa Brand on July 04, 2021

The curvy and plus size fashion market is rapidly growing, and the sports sector is not left behind. In previous years, getting the appropriate sportswear for curvy people used to be difficult due to size, comfort, and design. Presently the story is changing, and there is more available sportswear for curvy people.


Even with the availability of sportswear for curvy people in the market, people still have complaints because they keep buying undesired sports outfits. That problem arises from brands generalising people's tastes in sports outfits. Ten people can have the same body shape and size, but their outfit preferences will be distinctly different.

Apart from preference, there are other factors to consider as a curvy person when shopping for sports wears. The following tips will help illuminate these factors.


  1. Brand

Some sportswear brands are reputable for designing fashionable outfits with good qualities for curvy bodies while some are specific to small-sized bodies. When shopping for sports outfits, it is necessary to focus on curvy bodies outfit brands and the largest size available (most are within 3x to 4x).


  1. Fabric
It is a necessary consideration for any sportswear. As a curvy person, you should opt for a fabric that is lightweight and breathable to avoid unnecessary tension and restricted movement. It is also necessary to go for a material that can support your muscle bulk and wick sweat. Material like spandex can expand to 100 percent of its original size, wicks sweat, and dries quickly. You can buy spandex sport wear a size smaller if it is comfortable, and in situations of weight loss, the outfit will have body fitting. Other excellent fabrics are nylon, polyester, microfiber, and bamboo filler.
As a curvy person, you should avoid sport wears that are 100% cotton because they quickly absorb moisture. After a rigorous workout with cotton fabric, it tends to stick to your body which can be uncomfortable and tamper with your confidence.
  1. Workout routine

Every sporting activity has its unique sporting outfit, and as a curvy person, you want to go with sportswear that is supportive while working out. If you are engaging in high-impact sporting activity like boxing, it is best to go for a sports bra with maximum support and a free short for easy movements. For cycling, you can opt for a fitted sports bra and bikers shorts. For jogging, a sports bra and free tank top with joggers or leggings will be appropriate. For yoga, opt for a well-fitted sports bra and leggings.



  1. Support and comfort
After selecting what type and brand of sportswear to buy, you should consider the support and comfort of the sportswear.
Workouts make the breast move continuously, and as a curvy person, you need to be attentive when selecting your sports bra. A support sports bra will bring comfort. It is best to opt for one with wide or adjustable straps to reduce any possible strain on your shoulder. Don't buy generic sports bras; opt for sports bras with cup sizes so you can get the best fit. To test for fitness, wear the bra and lift both hands, if the band moves up, you need to look for a smaller size. For breast support, you can also opt for a high neck fitted muscle tank.
For leggings, curvy people should choose high waist drawstring leggings because of comfort, and they do not pull down when working out. They are great for yoga, cardio, and high-intensity exercises.
The footwear is also vital; supportive footwear saves you from ankle or foot injuries. Buying the perfect fit footwear might not be advisable for plus-sized people because the feet tend to expand at a different time of the day.
The footwear should have enough space for your thumb to fit in front of the longest toe. Due to the body weight supported by the heel, it is also advisable to buy footwear with memory foam or buy a memory form for your footwear for heel support when working out.


There is no crime in having a curvy shape or showing your curves; take your time to select the best fit sportswear for you. Do not let people persuade you into buying oversized sportswear; it will only make you look bigger and hide your curves. Choose a comfortable outfit that portrays your confidence.


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