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What Clothes Look Best On Plus Size Women

by Kanessa Brand on August 15, 2021

The beauty of fashion is, knowing what fits and sticking with it. The reason many people used to get trashed on Joan Rivers' (God rest her witty soul) Fashion Police was not because they wore something ugly. It was because half the time, they wore the right outfit on the wrong body. Blame it on the low availability of plus-size mannequins, but many plus-size women do not know what looks good on them. They see something on a size six vogue dot com model, and they get the larger version, then it does not fit. 

 Dear Plus size woman, your body, is fire, absolute brimstone, and thunderclaps; however, no one will see that in the wrong clothes.  So, we are going to look at clothes that you would look banging in. Ready? Let's go:


  • The wrap dress

For some reason, this dress may never look so great on really slim women. For that reason, we believe that this dress was created by the goddess of fashion for plus-size women. A wrap dress clinches at the waist, highlighting both your bosoms and your hips, thighs, and backside. 

 It automatically gives you a breathtaking hourglass shape and brings your sexiness to light. Anywhere you enter as a plus-size woman in a wrap dress, you are immediately turning heads and breaking necks. That, darling, should be the goal. Get a wrap dress today, and you do not need a reminder. 


  • A scrunchy thigh-high slit 
Whoever said thigh-high slits were for only slimmer women lied and should be sent to hell. Girl, why did mother nature give you thighs if you were not going to flaunt them? Wear that dress with a mid-thigh side scrunch, pull it till the slit is so high up you feel a little scandalous, and then walk with that thigh in the open, then thank mother nature for the gift of thunder thighs, cellulitis or not!
  • Peplums always 

Either a peplum top, skirt, or dress will always flatter your plus-size body. It doesn't matter where the peplum is at; it just matters that there is a peplum, and your body is ready for it. Never disregard the place of a good peplum on the sexy body of a plus-size woman. 

  • V necks are perfect 

There is the temptation to either completely cover your breasts or show too much of it; resist that temptation. What is alluring about a plus-size cleavage is the fact that you know that there is more underneath what you are being shown. So, instead of going for turtlenecks or plunging-to-hell necklines, wear v-necked dresses and blouses. 


If you are wearing a shirt with buttons, leave a few out just enough to show some bust flesh, but not so much that the entire bust region is in our faces. Of course, this does not apply when it is summer and you are rocking a bikini; in that case, please be in our faces. 
  • A-line dresses 

A plus-size woman can never go wrong with an A-line dress. A-line dresses are flattering for plus-size women in that it accentuates your breasts which are your strengths. Then it flows from the waist down, giving you a tiny waist-like look and wide hips hidden beneath the flay. 


  • Jackets

Jackets are flattering for women of all sizes, especially when they rest just below the waist and on the hips. They accentuate the hips and give the chest region some elegance. Paired with the right v-necked top, this could be a real killer when donned by plus-size women.


  • High Waisted jeans 

This is like the holy grail of plus-size clothing for women. It goes and locks tight on your waistline, creating the perfect hips-don't-lie scenario and making you the sexiest woman alive. No matter what your shopping budget is, you must always have a place for high-waist jeans. 

To end this beautiful conversation on fashion, here is a soft reminder; you are beautiful, you are a spec, you are dripping in glorious sexiness, and you are gorgeous. Whenever you walk into a cloth store, or you are surfing the internet, remember, the goal is to turn heads and break necks. You will not be able to do that if you are dressed in the wrong clothes. 


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