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Why Styling Is So Important To Plus Size

by Kanessa Brand on July 25, 2021

Let's start by saying that you should wear whatever you want and feel comfortable in. In this blog we are just providing some tips on how to highlight your curves.

In the fashion industry, every shape and size has its downfalls and advantages, plus-size folks are no different. People on the right side of the weight spectrum need to be especially cautious of how they style their clothing's because it is very easy for their choice of styling could easily make them look more shapeless than they are. 

But lucky you, because we are here to discuss the major 'no no's' of pulse size styling including those advised by so-called "fashion experts". So get out your pen and paper and not down as we explore the mistakes you should avoid while dressing for an outing or event as a plus-sized individual



  • Stay away from Baggy clothes

Please and please, as a plus-sized beautiful woman, do your best to avoid baggy and flattering clothes that don't do justice to your figure. You should pay special attention to baggy clothes that are colored bright or have distinct prints and instead focus on buying clothes that flatter your figure and accentuate your positive attributes. Make sure that you choose tailored clothes with flat and clean lines as they help your legs appear shaped, and also purchasing deep V neck tops if you also have big breasts to display your cleavage instead of tucking it in or hiding it.


  • Nobody wears poor quality anymore

Wearing poor quality clothes is so 2018, and you should probably leave it behind without looking back, for good reason. Dresses with sloppy finishes and poor material line synthetics rip very easily and could tear at a very bad time, you deserve much better than that. Instead, why not opt for clothing made from high-quality materials that last you a few months or years and then buy yourself something which boosts your confidence and fathers your body every few months like wool & cotton.


  • If it's too small, it's too small

Many people tend to make the mistake of going to the extreme and then end up reaching for only smaller numbers. You shouldn't even attempt to try and fit into any small shirts that probably feel uncomfortable hoping that it hugs your body. Yes, if your dresses that hug your body are great, but only if they are hugging the right part, areas of your body that you will like the light to be shined on. Wearing an entire outfit that squeezes your whole body will look and more importantly, feel uncomfortable throughout the day.


  • Everything black isn't a good look
Monochrome outfits are the bane of every woman's wardrobe, although they can be slimming, several bright and unique patterns can do just that also. You could put on a black shirt and pair it up with some bubble gum trousers and as much neon pink-colored jewelry as you want to help finish up and balance the look. You may also consider wearing a bright flower pattern top with a block-covered skirt to give your dressing some dimension and add a little 'zaz' to your outfit.
  • Don't put on menswear

We know we all love those cute and cuddling sweatshirts that look so amazing on us whenever we put them on, but it's different when you wear them outdoors. Men's pantsuits, hoodies, and crewnecks are cool and all but they aren't designed for the feminine body shape. These articles of clothing don't hug your figure the right way and could exacerbate all the wrong areas because men don't have big breasts, hips, or bottoms which means they are styled in a straight and unflattering manner that just doesn't fit your agenda. 


  • Avoid flat shoes

They are as comfy and easy to put on as ever, but they are a big no. Flat shots make your legs look short and wide, but the body actually could use a bit of a lift. Always aim to make your legs appear toned by reaching for wedges, sneakers, or even high heels, anything but the dreaded flats. Put them on on the rarest occasions like going to the beach or pool, but any other time, steer clear away. 


Plus-size fashion just like with other sizes when done right can make you look a whole lot better and feel much more confident. If you want to feel better about anything you put on, then make sure that you wear what fits and ignore what doesn't, it's a rule of thumb for stylists which works perfectly for all sizes, so pay attention to your figure and don't overdo it. 


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