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 Why you should shop with plus size brands

by Kanessa Brand on August 08, 2021
How often do you see a fashion brand explicitly targeted at plus-sized people? Previously, it was rare, but now, plus-size brands are regularizing their appearance in the fashion industry. Thanks to these brands, it's no longer hard to find a size 16 or 18 in a brand's catalog. If you're still unsure as to whether you should shop with plus size brands or not, here are some reasons why you should make that move:
  • Support
  • Appropriate fittings.
  • Varieties.
  • Less Tedious.
  • To promote Inclusivity.


The body positivity movement initially started as a radical "fat rights" movement in 1969. However, today, it focuses on helping plus-sized people become confident in their skin. Plus-sized brands are a significant facet of the body positivity movement and as such, shopping from these brands is a clear indicator of your support for the movement. 

Even though body positivity has gained momentum over the past decade, the movement is still met with some level of disdain and fat-phobia. However, by shopping from plus-sized brands, you'll be contributing to the body positivity movement and fighting for a good cause. Who said activism only had to be on the streets? 

Appropriate fittings

Before plus-size brands came onto the scene, people on the big side often found it challenging to get outfits in their size. If they were lucky enough to find clothes within their size range, the clothes would be typically frumpy or outdated. 

Chastity Gardner Valentine is the co-founder of Curvy Con. With her experience, she had mentioned that plus-size people could not wear specific designs and fabrics because most times, they are not the primary target. The plus-size people are more or less 'a last option'. In today's world, plus-sized people need clothes that complement their figure and follow the current fashion trends without looking like they just stepped out from the 1940s.


Fortunately, companies that deal with extended wear give these plus-sized people just what they need. Plus-size brands offer stylish, fashionable clothes targeted specifically at plus-sized people. This way, you can have the best of both worlds: stylish and classy clothes that are your size. 



Most generic clothing brands are typically specific to slimmer women, leaving the plus-sized women out of the equation. As such, plus-sized people don't get to enjoy the level of variety that their skinny counterparts enjoy when shopping for clothes. They are often faced with frumpy clothes with the same style with no form of variety whatsoever. 

Fortunately, extended-wear companies give plus-size people choices and back them up with the current fashion trends. Plus-size people can choose from several styles (even those targeted at skinny people) and get clothes within their preferred styles. Crop tops, sundresses, and even halter tops - you name it. 

Less Tedious.

Shopping for plus-sized women is an entirely different experience from what slim people face. For people on the big side, shopping is very stressful, and it may take several hours before one can find something that will suit their taste. This is because you're not only searching for stylish clothes, you're also searching for clothes within your size range. 


Extended wears companies make these tasks less worrisome since their main targets are plus-sized people. Let's face it: trying to find a size 16 dress amongst the overwhelming haul of size six clothes can be frustrating. Fortunately, shopping from a plus-size store makes the search less frustrating. You will be able to find clothes within your size range without having to sift through annoyingly undersized clothes.

To promote Inclusivity.

The fashion industry typically caters to the Naomi Campbells and Tara Banks of the world. Those who are plus-sized are often marginalised and excluded in society as brands do not include them in their clothing budget. However, plus-size brands are taking a step away from the norm by promoting Inclusivity and including plus-sized people in fashion for the first time. You, too, can promote Inclusivity by shopping from these brands. 

Top Plus size Brands you should look out for:

Plus-size brands are becoming rampant and known for their uniqueness. If you're looking to shop from a plus-size brand, here are some stores you should look out for: 


  • Kanessa
  • Honoré
  • Universal standard
  • Asos Curve
  • Eloquii 
  • Loud Bodies Dia &Co
  • Coyan

Final Thoughts

Patronising plus-size brands comes with a lot of benefits. For starters, it reduces the amount of time you'll spend going from one store to another to find the 'perfect outfit. 

It also helps you feel more confident in your skin and reduces the insecurity that comes with not meeting the conventional beauty standards that the fashion industry has put in place. 

So, if you've been waiting for a sign to shop from a plus-size brand, this is it. 


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