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We couldn’t find sportswear for our curves on the web

So we made them for you.



We are not trying to change you.

We are not telling you to suck your stomach in so that your top can fit.

We are not telling you to lose that baby fat before you can dress sexy.

We are not making our sportswear so that you can fit in them. No, we made them to fit you.

Your body is your home. You should feel peace and joy in that home. Our sportswear will only adorn your home, making you feel more powerful, more confident and sexier. We want you to embrace yourself, every curvy bit of you.


Here’s What We Believe

Value should never have a size.

You can be sexy without being skimpy.

You are naturally phenomenal.

Your clothing should love and inspire you.

You can be comfortable and still be chic.

Whatever we design, we wear ourselves.


Athleisure – Wear it Wherever Whenever.

Our sportswear isn’t just made for the gym.

You can wear it to the park, on a date, rendezvous with friends, dinner with your family, etc.

Our sportswear is comfortable without being bland.

We’ve designed our wear to reflect the dynamism of women’s lives

so you never have to rush home to change.


No More

No more bottoms that don’t fit your waist properly.

No more material that stretch to show your underwear.

No more clothes that seem to be a low-key disrespect to your body.

No more frustration, no more feeling like you’re too big.


We’ve got it all right here just for you.

All leggings are double layered on the butt-locks.

A waist belt that fits your waist without depreciating your curves.

Drawstrings on all our leggings

High waisted



Every Woman

It doesn’t matter what the so-called beauty standards are.

Awesome sportswear is for every woman.

Every women should be catered to.

We’ve drowned out the naysayers when they told us:

“You are not the right size”,

“You are too big”,

“Just stuff yourself into the thing”,

“Deal with it.”

We’ve morphed these rocks into sportswear for curves.

Now, we are telling you to

“Work your curves, sister.”

“You are beautiful and bold.”

“You go, queen!”

“Your clothes look so good on you!”

Our Mantra
Why try to fit in boxes when we have these beautiful curves?

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