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Snake Leg

Snake Leg

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OUR AFRICAN COLLECTION features these comfy plus-sized leggings that help you get in shape and feel amazingly fit. It is designed with a fabric that eliminates moisture and sweat. With a wide waistband for comfort, the Snake Leg provides enough tummy control for any type of workout at home or the gym. The Snake Leg leggings with reinforced stitching also double as a shape-wear, keeping you hugged in and sexy.

GET FIT with our top-selling fitness sports leggings! Ultimately designed for maximum motion while enhancing your curves.


  • Luxuriously soft fabric that is gentle on the skin. Chafe-free experience guaranteed!
  • 7.5-inch-long waists
  • Comfortable and smooth compression fitness wear with drawstrings
  • Stretch fabric that never goes out of shape
  • Vibrant African prints that never fade
  • Double fabric on the buttocks for non-see-through
  • High-quality sportswear that is quick-dry and breathable
  • Lightweight comfort all day, every day. Perfect for any workout routine.

The Snake Leg sportswear is the next big thing in the fitness world. Stay comfortable and sexy while working out, no matter your body size. With our African Collection, you can step out in confidence. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


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